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Alabama CSeries site still planned despite tariff vote

Bombardier still intends to open a CSeries final assembly site in Mobile, Alabama despite winning a major trade battle with Boeing. "Yes, we will proceed with the Alabama [final assembly line]. We are full-speed ahead," Bombardier tells FlightGlobal. "We have conducted site visits and planning activities for the Alabama final assembly line, consistent with antitrust laws." ( Ещё...

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Cansojr 0
I sure hope that their are more Bombardier sales in the United States despite Trump.
That goon may have poisoned the well. Don't they understand that we have created many very well paying jobs for people out of work in the American aerospace industry. We are literally creating work for Trump where he did nothing and took credit for it anyway. The people of Alabama are getting jobs at Canada's expense.I am not worried because Trumps day of reckoning is at hand. All his criminal legislative mischief can be tossed once they impeach him. Obama was incompetent but this guy has no moral center, he is a bombastic thug if you listen to anything from that sewer he calls his mouth. Aside from the fact it has been demonstrated beyond all doubt that he is nothing but a bombastic proven liar. He fires anyone who would dare threaten his throne or his creation myth.
carlos ospina 2
Cansojr 1
In reality if I give you a 100 million dollars courtesy of Bombardier/Airbus and create 500 jobs that pay more than the shitty minimum wags in the US and CANADA SUCK. Maybe somebody should say thank you instead of looking a gift horse in the mouth. I'm all done arguing with knee jerk liberals and insane right wing wackos. Take it away. I am finished with this nonsense.
744pnf 0
Oh c'mon Cansoir, say what you REALLY think.


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