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Does this look like a stable approach and landing?

Inquiring minds want to know. Not being a pilot, I can't answer. But to my untrained eye it really looks like an unstable approach. ( Ещё...

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ffrcobra1 2
Looks like they hire pilots that can actually fly the plane, when just pushing a button won’t due. Good for them.
Timothy McDonnell 2
When I watched that yesterday, I found my self humming the song "You can always go around", that said I have no idea what the company or EASA would think of that landing.
canuck44 2
This could get up the cabin, dry cleaning and fresh underwear for the passengers.
Greg Weglewski 1
Looks like pilot-induced oscillations to me!
wx1996 1
It is not so dramatic if watched as normal speed. This video is showing the approach faster than actual.
Max Perry 1
Well, they landed OK, and with the weather being what it was they did a good job.
It seems like everybody was experiencing the same weather, nobody crashed.
A good job of flying in difficult circumstances.
Brian Baldridge 4
Successful completion of an ill-advised procedure isn't an indication of good work. It's an indication of good luck. Take a look at the statistics from IATA: "During the data period 2011-2015 considered within the following chapters approximately 65% of all recorded accidents occurred in the approach and landing phases of flight, and unstabilized approaches were identified as a factor in 14% of those approach and landing accidents."


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