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Alaska Could Maintain Mixed Airbus and Boeing Fleet

Alaska Airlines could continue to operate a mixed fleet of Airbus A320 family and Boeing 737 family aircraft indefinitely, says chief executive Brad Tilden. ( Ещё...

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toolguy105 1
I think it is a mistake for a low cost Airline to operate a fleet of mixed aircraft. Then maintenance cost and keeping the required spares on hand at different locations is costly. I believe it is better to sub-lease the aircraft from Airbus with longer leases and to either retire or return the short term leased aircraft early and take the one time hit against profits. Some of the cost of the early return will be off set by selling of the spare part on hand to other operators. The second largest cost to the airline after fuel is maintenance. Maintaining a multi-aircraft increase maintenance costs
alex hidveghy 1
I happen to agree - having flown mainly Boeing aircraft and the one single A320. It makes no long-term sense to run a dual fleet.
Get the Virgin America boys and girls to get typed on the 737. You might even find some of them already have the rating and just need recurrent, so some savings there. Not 100% sure whether AS has in-house simulators or contracts out. I'm thinking they do but someone in the SEA area may know better than I.....
Alan Dahl 1
I wonder if Alaska plans to keep just their A321 Neos and get rid of the rest. The A321 Neo can run routes that a Alaska’s current 737 fleet can’t and might offer up the possibility of some international destinations that are currently out of reach. But time will tell and they are in no hurry to make up their minds.
rwtimmons 1
I don't think Alaska is considered a low cost airline. They are usually categorized with the other legacy carriers such as Hawaiian, Delta, etc.


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