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Pak Pilot Slept For 2 Hours In Business Class, Flight Had 305 Passengers

A senior pilot, who decided to take a nap during an Islamabad-London flight in April, putting the lives of 305 passengers aboard at risk, has been taken off duty by the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). Reports reveal that Amir Akhtar Hashmi allegedly slept for two-and-a-half-hours in business class cabin seat after handing over the aircraft to a trainee pilot soon after it took off... ( Ещё...

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blueashflyer 2
Sometimes you gotta put trainees into the deep end of the pool. Here, figure it out.
Highflyer1950 2
Sure, just ask the families of AF 447 how well that worked out.
Martin Haisman 3
AF447 had the required pilot and co-pilot in the cockpit. The senior rotating caption was taking his normal break and woke up and entered the cockpit. They just stuffed up in recovery compounded by AF putting off replacement of the deficient pitot tubes. This PIA flake left a trainee by himself and went back for a snooze.
greg presley 1
interestingly, AF447's main captain had slept only one hour the night before. This can be heard in the cabin's recording at the beginning of the flight. I am not too sure but I think he was seeing his girlfriend in Brazil...

Also when he entered the cabin, he gave the right order "push the yoke" and then countered himself by ordering "Pull it"... Tiredness anyone ?
Highflyer1950 1
Actually, if I read both reports correctly, AF 447 was staffed with two F/O's while the Captain was taking his rest period. Both qualified. Both competent, not so much. The Pak captain handed control to his qualified F/O and the Second F/O who was being route checked. I can remember another aiirline who operated the B767 where there were no crew rest quarters available, the airline would block off a few seats in business class for crew rest. Usually there was a Captain, FO and a cruiser pilot who could not occupy a front seat below 10,000'. As a side note, just for thought....have you ever wondered how three separate pitot systems can fail at the same time and not light up the EICAS warning?
Highflyer1950 1
And Martin, to be clear, I would never condone a TRI/TRE leave the flight deck for anything other than a lav visit on such a short flight with those two up front.
Martin Haisman 1
That would be why I called him a flake.
Martin Haisman 1
Went back to file and correct two F/O's one with less then 3000 hrs time. Capt re entered when proverbial hit the fan.
Tony Perez 1
"Your Line Training starts now!"
Highflyer1950 2
You would think that for an 8 hour flight he wouldn't need a rest break? Assuming the crew observer seats were not all occupied, he should have slid his seat back and grabbed some rest right there.
Torsten Hoff 8
Needing a nap right after takeoff implies that the pilot didn't have the required rest before he came on duty.
Mike Hindson-Evans 1
Hmm, a difficult choice - condemn him for recognising that he wasn't alert enough, or condemn him when he fall asleep on finals?

But leaving a trainee driver alone, for longer than a "coffee out, coffee in" break, seems instinctively wrong. At least no-one died.

Ray Harrop 1
It's called delegating - suck it up !
Mark Lloyd 1
This is ridiculously scrounging for a story. A 2.5 hour break is the normal for a long haul flight. His mistake was not changing out of the uniform before entering the cabin. Next time hit the bunks or change that shirt.


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