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26 charged including airline employees, airport staff and restaurant workers. with smuggling cocaine to U.S. mainland

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Federal law enforcement has broken up a $4 million drug-trafficking ring at Puerto Rico's main international airport that relied on bathrooms and garbage chutes to smuggle cocaine to the U.S. mainland, authorities said Tuesday. ( Ещё...

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sparkie624 5
Nail them to the wall... Why can we not bring back Chain Gangs and Hard Labor!
Our penal system has become a joke. The best rehab is hard work. That is something they really don't like. No work, no privileages.
Donald Vancos 2
Hang them all and then give the a speedy fair trial
Larry Horton 1
Suspect this happens a lot more than we know
Angel Ruiz 1
Send the to Cuba at the time the Castro's were using them fire squads. You'll see how fast trafficking goes out of fashion.
John Freschl 1
This illustrates the futility of building a wall. Money would be better spent on more sophisticated detection and intervention.
dbkoob 1
No there are two kinds of issues land crossers and sky crossers both need to be blocked. Building a wall is the most proficient if not cheapest way to stop land crossers


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