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Boeing company uses A321 in website promo

A Boeing company, Inventory Locator Service, yesterday posted an Evolution of Boeing graphic on its website that traces key points in Boeing’s history. There was a problem, however: the airplane at the top of the graphic, which was photo-shopped with Boeing 737 identification, was an Airbus A321. ( More...

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Dubslow 12
I assume this was someone in the marketing department who couldn't be bothered to figure out what company he worked for or even what industry he was creating marketing-material for and just went with the first google image result for some horrifyingly generic search term
bthiago 1
Probably the worst marketing that had no clue what they were doing.
siriusloon 14
This sort of mix-up happens all the time. The Florida tourist board uses a sunset photo shot in Hawaii. A company in Colorado uses a scenic photo of mountains in Wyoming. It happens a lot. Some low-level peon picks a stock photo to use and their higher-ups assume it's the right one. Most people in this forum know aircraft well, but none of us are experts in every field and could make similar mistakes. What should happen is that someone higher in the food chain should have double-checked it, but we live in an imperfect world. Anyway, if it wasn't for mistakes like this, some of you would have no one to feel superior to.
Geo Anas 2
I definitely agree with you. Just to add that sometimes even the people higher in the food chain prefer a sunset in Hawaii than a sunset in Florida for their ad. So, it's not necessarily a low-level peon mistake.
That said, I do agree that a high Boeing officer should notice the mistake much more easily, than the sunset mistake...
Frank Harvey 2
I would be surprised if every high Boeing officer (especially maybe in Finance or some other admin posts like say IT) would be capable of differentiating their a/c from any other manufacturers.
Geo Anas 1
Dave Fisher 1
Marco Rubio's ‘Morning in America’ Ad Used Stock Footage of Canada

Rubio's campaign ad featured a boat crossing a picturesque harbor. "It's morning again in America," the narrator intones but the stock footage in the video is shots of Vancouver, Canada.
Alan Dahl 0
Looking closely at the rest of the shots in that Rubio video it’s quite likely that the entire thing expect some stock shots of other places was shot in British Columbia, presumably to save money vs US production.
btweston 3
Man. And you guys freak out when some intern at a news site puts the wrong plane in an article...
Ryan Hodges 2
it was probably made by a marketing company, not anyone that works under boeing. regardless, they shouldve done a tiny bit of research. how hard would it have been to find a 747-100 photo or any MD aircraft too?! no excuses, this was terrible.
Mike Mohle 1
This is a riot! What idiots. The VP of Marketing at Boeing should be shown the door. The A321 even has those funny little winglets, how obvious. I hope the Wright Flyer photo is correct though.
Even the b-52 photo is the wrong one
Thomas Cain 1
It's bad enough they made the mistake once, but they did it twice in the same ad. Top and bottom.
17dec1903 1
Maybe they should call the company ILStupid instead of ILSmart.
Chris B 1
And the Oscar for worst researched Boeing Advert goes to....
Juan Pacheco 1
I assume the responsible for this "subtle mistake" has been taken care in human resources department..... what a blowout !!!!!!
Shenghao Han 1
Prank I hope? Maybe this is a hint that Boeing secretly owns Airbus...
Or Airbus is in the market to buy Boeing? Imagine the kudos the EU would get for secretly financing that deal!
matt jensen 3
AB will allow Boeing to continue building tactical defense only
Ben Bosley 1
No way the US would every allow that.
btweston 3
Everything's got a price... Or would they have to run it by Der Fürer first?
Actually, Bojangles financed the deal. The new products will be known as the Bo bus...
Love it!
Jeff Phipps 1
I assume that Boeing will not be paying for that marketing piece and the company who did it will have a tough time getting more accounts.

I remember some tourism campaign used humpback whales breaching from a different campaign and called out on it a few years ago. Cest la vie.
Jack Reynolds 1
In my opinion....BOEING will always be the standard of perfection! Without compromise.
Ivan Blakely 1
silly mistakes aside - the timeline is incredibly impressive
Belvdme -2
Must be that Boeing very well knows the A321 is a superior product and is trying to take advantage :)
josh homer 2
LMAO superior product! I hope that's sarcasm!
dj horton 2
Said no one, ever
That's what you get when you out-source your tasks abroad. LOL

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Scott Campbell 10
Ivan Blakely 8
just like flightaware and youtube are simmiler (sic)
Foxtrot789 5
In what way, they both have a wing on each side and a fin in the back?
Frank Harvey 2
And engines, they both have engines...I think.
Belvdme -1
737 dates from the 60s. Old stuff


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