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Airbus Cuts A380 Production Plans in 2017

Airbus Group SE for the second time this year is cutting production plans for its flagship A380 superjumbo and now faces the prospect of losing money on the plane again already next year. The move comes at a time both the European plane maker and its larger rival Boeing Co. face the prospect the era of the big, four-engine long-haul plane is ending. Airbus has struggled to win orders for the A380 and Boeing has had to cut production plans for its 747-8 jumbo jet owing to slack demand. ( Ещё...

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Gary J 5
great, another article where we have to subscribe or login to view.

Can we please do away with these or atleast post an alternative link ?
Roy Hunte 2
I thought staff had blocked WSJ articles.
just me 1
I just googled for login acess WSJ:

Type in the following information (case sensitive)


Password: rivervalley444

Please, remember to sign-out in the top right corner of the page, under "River Valley Ranch" after you have finished perusing the news!

Works for me :-)



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