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First IFL cargo CRJ200

The long awaited delivery of IFL Groups first Bombardier CRJ200 that has been converted to cargo use. N405SW landing at Oakland county intl, KPTK. 11-9-16 ( Ещё...

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Kenneth Schmidt 1
Are these replacing the 727's??
mattbna 2
Rather small to replace a 727, wouldn't you think? :)
Mike T 1
No. I think it is to replace the Convairs. At least that is what a few people I know over there have told me.
billy pell 1
LoL, replace the convair? Want those just go to Mexico?
Mike T 1
One of my friends who used to work there as a mechanic said they are pretty much out of convair parts and they are like Frankensteining engines together. Also on of my friends who used to fly for them said the FO is not allowed to touch the brakes because there is such a limited supply of brake discs
William Pirlot 0 stuck with CF34(dirty whores) testing for another decade at least.


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