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Cable snaps as E-3C Hawkeye lands on USS Eisenhower

A video shows the cable, stretched across the deck, slow down the E-2C Hawkeye plane as it prepares to land on the Norfolk-based aircraft carrier USS Dwight D Eisenhower. But then the wire swiftly breaks from the aircraft's tail hook and the plane continues down the flight deck before it frighteningly disappears. Only to reappear climbing out of trouble... ( Ещё...

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Steven Fortson 5
I want to see an E-3 land on a carrier. I didn't think the deck was big enough. :D
cverbil 2
Me, too. I think most here don't get it. E-3 v. E-2.
Jeremy Kudlick 5
That is exactly why pilots landing on a flattop go to full military power as soon as the aircraft hits the deck. Any hesitation during a situation like this means a very wet bird.

James Wilson Jr 3
The Best damn trained pilots in the world. Hell they also went through "Carrier Quals" in the "O" club.
Greg Zelna 3
zennermd 2
I don't know how he was able to keep that plane flying... amazing job by the pilot and crew!
linbb 1
Look on youtube for the one with another one which didn't get the wire, it came up spewing water off of the wings and made it. Well at least back to the ship for repairs.
Supercool Marmol 1
was it a Hawkeye, or another aircraft? I can't seem to find it.
SmokedChops 2
11,000 shp should be coming "Send up a green-Shirt with a shop vac, the co-pilot needs to clean up a mess in his pants"
James Simms 2
"OK, God...I have it now....."
Duncan Mulholland 2
That is the kind of pilots Delta needs to hire.
oowmmr 1
We're going in the drink...that was great reacting for sure!!!
Paul Robbins 1
The E-2 coming up after that cable snap is crazy!!!
Some days you get the bear!!!!
Paul Robbins 0
What do you think chased this? An old cable, or an is the E-2 coming in to fast? I have no clue what approach speeds are for E-2s or what this plane was doing during the accident. It doesn't seem like the plane decelerates very much until the moment the cable snaps. I have no clue.
Supercool Marmol 2
I believe the article states the data entry to the arrestor system was incorrectly set for the aircraft
Paul Robbins 1
Jeremy Kudlick 1
The arrestor engine was set incorrectly, which caused it to not provide enough resistance to slow the aircraft. The cable snapped when it completely paid out and the aircraft was still moving.
Pilot wishes to speak with someone. Prolly not in the O'club.


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