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United Airlines Converts More Boeing 787 Into Boeing 777-300ER Orders

United Airlines announced that it will be converting 787 orders originally anticipated for delivery in 2020 and beyond into four 777-300ERs and five 787-9s beginning in 2017. ( Ещё...

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Elizabeth Mastrocinque 2
10 seats across is a perfect set-up for a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) aka : blood clot in the leg! I would not want to be in the middle,of that row on a long flight to Hawaii where United Airlines plans to use this type of seat configuration.
Richard Shirley 2
That is another reason why I do not fly Untied anymore
glen krc 1
Correct link is: This can be accessed by clicking on the title for the squawk (i.e., "United Airlines Converts...")
gilberto dos santos alves 1 this url error page not found
djames225 1
What I do not understand is how a lot of American people, and I cant blame them, are squawking about keeping the US economy going and keeping jobs at home, and yet here United is purchasing 35 A350-1000's from ScareBus?
Ian Deans 0
Why do you have to use the term "Scarebus"???? There is no need for that in a forum like this. The airline decides what is best for it regardless of where it comes from.


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