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F-16 gets tipped over by B-1 on tarmac

F-16 at location unknown get tipped on its wing by a holding short B-1. Hope the Falcon captains got some rank, cause " somebodies got some explain to do". ( Ещё...

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SmokedChops 2
wingtip rails lost some paint...doubt it did much more. probably more significant marks in the pants of the hapless jockey..."CODE BROWN, repeat, CODE BROWN!"
Jeremy Kudlick 1
As the Falcon taxies behind the Lancer, you can see the one lined up on the runway begin its roll. At that point, the Lancer spools up to proceed onto the runway. Unfortunately, the Falcon is still behind it and the vertical stabilizer becomes a sail. I wonder what the controller who cleared the Falcon to taxi through there was busted down to. E-2? E-1?
bentwing60 2
Kinda think the noose is gonna be reserved for the guy in the "little jet". What did he think was gonna happen when he taxied behind the big jet as the big jet brought up the thrust? Answer, he didn't think about it, and I sure wouldn't put the foul on the ground controllers plate! Course he might have been a full bird colonel, in which case it didn't happen.
linbb 1
And no one seems to care as the pilot waits to be tipped upright again? Amazing as others taxi by.
Ruger9X19 2
What are they supposed to do, get out and push? They all have missions to accomplish, MX will get it squared away when they get there.


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