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Boeing B-52 Bomber Flies into the Future with Digital Upgrades

The nation’s entire B-52 bomber fleet will soon be equipped with technology that greatly enhances the aircraft’s combat capabilities in the digital battlespace. The U.S. Air Force on August 28 awarded Boeing [NYSE: BA] a contract for B-52 bomber Combat Network Communications Technology, known as CONECT. ( Ещё...

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Wonderful news for the aircraft but only if the airframe has enough flying hours remaining to justify this work.

When will US DOD come to a decision to overhaul or do the heavy maintenance ‘D CHECK‘ is it known by engineers?

I keep hearing of new engines and/or wing's with structural improvement of the airframe but nothing follows and no sign of a replacement or reopening of the B1 line at Rockwell/Boeing!

B2 Spirit is too exotic and expensive so unless DOD wakes up, the USA shall have no bombers serviceable to conduct combat operations in the future other than Tomahawk missile systems.

The United States have given the world aircraft for every imaginable job, large and small, supersonic or stealth and small countries have created their own like, Vulcan, Tornado, Mirage, capable multiple role aircraft, but there are no European pure bombers and the ‘Soviets‘ use ageing TU-95, Blackjack and Backfire and these are around the same age if not younger than B52.

As a UK citizen, I need the security of a modern USAF ably equipped to the gunnels with top notch capabilities.


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