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World's Largest Aircraft Looking for Investors

Hybrid Air Vehicles, the manufacturer, is looking to smaller investors to follow in the footsteps of the US military and Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson by sinking their cash into the dream. Buoyed by the numbers of enquiries from enthusiasts, the firm is set to launch a crowdfunding exercise to match a £3.4m government grant to get the craft off the ground - and eventually build hundreds more to fill the skies. ( Ещё...

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Max Perry 4
Another pipe dream, airships are at the mercy of the prevailing winds and need special handling at their launch and destination points.
Lotsa luck to that, money wasted.
Taj ZImmerman 2
Bruce Dickinson? THE Bruce Dickinson?
Joe Daniel 1
YES! THE Bruce Dickenson... The same that is a Chairman of Aeris Aviation

Aeris Aviation Limited is a UK based company that is the exclusive European Distributor for Eclipse Aerospace Inc. Both Chairman, Bruce Dickinson (legendary lead singer with Iron Maiden), and CEO David Hayman are the demonstrator pilots for the Eclipse.
Joe Daniel 1
That connection is the only reason I posted this story. I am in awe of his constant promotion of aviation endeavors.


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