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General: Praising the A-10 to Lawmakers is ‘Treason’

A top U.S. Air Force general warned officers that praising the A-10 attack plane to lawmakers amounts to “treason,” according to a news report. Maj. Gen. James Post, vice commander of Air Combat Command, was quoted as saying, “If anyone accuses me of saying this, I will deny it … anyone who is passing information to Congress about A-10 capabilities is committing treason,” (www.dodbuzz.com) Ещё...

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Pileits 3
Typical desk pushing General who is VERY inflated on himself!
ron paliughi 3
This General Officer should be relieved immediately. He is a discredit to the officers, men and women he has been entrusted to lead. The Air Force culture which has evolved to a dangerous point of intolerance of the slightest dissent from the ranks. Treason indeed. Resign now General, you have lost your way.
canuck44 3
I want the Popcorn concession for when this jerk appears in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Read through the membership on both sides...Grunts well represented (Reed the Senior Democrat is ex-82nd Airborne and Kelly Ayotte's husband was a Warthog pilot) and including Joni Ernst (Lcol and pig castrater), but the best part will be when Cruz and Graham (JAG officer) get to quiz him on manipulating testimony to Congress.


His after retirement employment prospects will be taking a huge dive.
Wolfgang Prigge 3
I think the word "treason" fits him quite well.
Doesn't matter. We now do nothing to treasonists anyway; just like we are ok with liars running the entire government.


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