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There Are About To Be Two Airworthy B-29s

For many years, only one flying example of the B-29 Superfortress has been worthy of soaring above the clouds. The B-29 is the same plane type that effectively ended World War II on the Pacific front by dropping atomic bombs on Japan. That single flyable plane, known as "Fifi" is about to be joined by her sibling, "Doc." ( Ещё...

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Frank Hopper 3
I look forward to seeing her in my Wichita sky. I remember when I was a boy and the B 52 filled our sky... "See that tail, that's the new B 52!"; I am lucky to live in Wichita.
Ricky Scott 3
B29 is a great ride. Got to have a nice 1hr ride when it was up here for Refurb in the early 90s. I worked on the electrical and instruments using my EC-121 Experiance (same engines and electrical)

Loved every second of it (too short a ride though).
mariofer 2
You Sir have a dream job. I cannot think of a better way to use one's skills other than on resurrecting these venerable old birds. Thank you for your efforts.
oowmmr 2
A B29 ride would be extremely satisfying and how interesting it must be to get to work on it.
Scott Dean 3
I used to see B-52s by the dozens climbing the skies after leaving Westover AFB every morning at 5AM. At the time it was disturbing. How I miss that sound now.
Robert W Heslop 2
I flew on the last 4 B-29's in the AF inventory out of Naha, Okinawa 1959/60. They had been converted to ECM. I still have my Sq. patch, flt orders, tail numbers and a few photo's. Doing research I discovered two of those A/C transported the mechanisms for the two atomic bombs that were dropped on Japan. I have been told two A/C were put on hard stands, One at Kadena, Okinawa, the other somewhere in Japan. I was the radio operator.
Derek Thomas 1
oowmmr 1 This URL is their website.
Robert Fisher 1
You might have meant "magneto switch" instead of "master switch" eh?
Hubert East 0
Since when did B-29's have motors? They would need long extension cords if that was the case. Motors require an outside source of energy. APG class Sheppard Air Base 1952.
WD Rseven -3
The only way to preserve that B29 after restoration is to keep pilots out of it and make sure it never leaves the ground.
Victor Engel -1
At first, when I saw the start of the video, I thought they were trying to start that engine by hand cranking it. How incredibly dangerous (suicidal?) that would be!
Bart Youngblood 1
I shudder any time I see someone hand propping an airplane. I know its been done hundreds of thousands of times safely, but it just gives me the willies. Someone did it once in a 172 I was flying after someone left the master switch on, I don't think I've ever stood on the brakes in an airplane harder in my life.

[This poster has been suspended.]

glnewsome 2
Just can't resist being arrogant and condescending can you? I anxiously await a post from you where that doesn't happen....not holding my breath though.
ilikerio 1
Why don't the warbirds use self-starters these days?
ilikerio 1
Errr, you said later radials, so not the early radials on warbirds. Nevermind! :P
Victor Engel 1
Thanks. I figured it was to do with distributing the oil, but I wasn't sure.


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