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Meet the USAF's Long Awaited KC-46A Pegasus Tanker

It's been a decade and a half in the making, but now the time has finally come to see the USAF's new tanker in whole form, moving under its own power. The KC-46A is based on different elements of different variations of the Boeing 767, and once fielded, it will represent a massive capability increase in American aerial refueling and transport capabilities. ( More...

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Dwight Hartje 2
Nice craft! This is the 767-300 tanker from Boeing.
Robert Moore 1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Boeing performs first test flight for KC-46 tanker program

The Boeing Company and U.S. Air Force successfully completed the first flight of the KC-46 tanker test program Sunday.
Dwight Hartje 1
This is a duplicate squak.
Take a look at this.
linbb 1
Take a breath guy as the original was made before the test flight. If you care to re read the article you will see there has been an update to indicate it has now flown since the squawk was written.


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