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Etihad Air’s $20,000 Suite on A380 Is Sold Out. Including the Flying Butlers. Sorry

The $20,000 ‘Residence’ suite on Etihad Airways PJSC’s first Airbus Group NV A380 superjumbo, featuring three rooms and a dedicated butler, is already sold out for the initial 10 flights, the Gulf carrier said. (Bloomberg) ( Ещё...

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Josh Preston 2
The shower idea is cool, but how much to you REALLY need a butler?
I also want to know how much it would cost to fly private for the same route...$10K more?
Skyspy11 1
I asked Jet Expert ( what they would charge and it is about $60k US ROUND TRIP for a super mid holding up to 9 pax. So, per pax it is less expensive to go Private.
If certain individuals with unlimited wealth choose to engage with these facilities, let them! The airlines offer them for a reason and that is to allow the modestly wealthy on basic incomes relative to those in the suites an opportunity to travel on these ships.

Since the inept retirement of Concorde, the has been a need for a premium air travel product and it may need a few special build A380 aircraft to offer the Concorde experience if without the speed but with the luxury beyond current 1st class standards.
It clearly needs a very brave airline to create such a fleet!
lbjack 1
This is what happens when you don't book early.
Cool; EXCEPT - I wouldn't pay a $100 to go to London or Dubai. :-)


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