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Landing Simonds strip (Vimeo video)

Landing Simonds strip in the Idaho Backcountry 900' long at 5243' elevation ( Ещё...

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ajagostini 3
I could do that with my Mooney....once.
desertratps 3
Idaho has many of the backcountry airstips. Here is a link to Landing at University of Idaho's Taylor ranch. It's 2000' but watch the canyon walls on final and dogleg on landing strip.
peter de barra 1
... This is first rate for realism and grit..
Jason Edwards 3
I don't see anywhere to land, still don't see anywhere to land, were going to crash, there's only trees in front of us on a hill side, oh ok we're good!
Andy Cruickshank 2
There are some other videos on the same site that are worth review. I know "Preacher" will enjoy these. This is RWAL flying!!
Kevin Haiduk 2
Now that was very interesting and fun to watch. I would pass. There was one comment answered on the type of plane it was in the threads. A 747 cause - well you have to read. I was laughing.
WhiteKnight77 1
iteeej 2
Very cool approach....couldn't spot the strip until final
Scott Campbell 1
Now how do we get outta here?
Andy Cruickshank 1
Here is an interesting link on the
pete krohn 1
steady, steady now...... and there it is! even in shade and near zero buffeting, the touchdown was smooth as silk! Kudos. ok, lets try that again in february with snow gear and some nice fresh snow..... ;-))
Kevin Hamel 1
Getting in is one thing, getting out is another! Nice video.
Andy Cruickshank 1
thomas stephens 1
Shazam...... talk about precision flying!
John Atherton 1
Great flying and video but why is there an airstrip at that location?
Talk about large attachments!...even the mosquito wanted out...
Andy Cruickshank 2
Fishing, camping, hiking. Some people actually live out there believe it or not!
Walt Amrein 1
MrTommy 1
That USED to be a logging road, until the trucks couldn't make it in anymore...


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