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Tour The Gulfstream G650, The Best Private Jet $65 Million Can Buy

At $65 million, the Gulfstream G650 is the biggest, fastest, and overall best private jet money can buy. ( Ещё...

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I believe the BBJ and ACJ are maybe slightly bigger than the G650...
Robert Cheeseman 2
And yet, neither BBJ nor ACJ have the range, speed (cruise and MMO), or cruising altitude of the G650.
The G650 is a great airplane though.
preacher1 3
I definitely wouldn't turn one down if they gave it to me. LOL
canuck44 1
Good to see you back, Wayne. You might have to avoid "thin air" for a while though.
preacher1 1
Yeah, gettin' around pretty good. Followup this afternoon and we'll be seein' about all that. Gettin' kind of boring just sitting around inside though. LOL
Jason Feldman 1
"I'd buy that for a dollar" - Looks better than an SUX6000, doesn't it "Murphy"
Bryce Johnson 2
From what I have read, there is a way to cut the line....cough up some more money. I know some of the earliest ones went for well over $70 for those people that wanted the first ones. Saw the G650ER the other day and it is absolutely unbelievable. Cleanest, most beautiful wing Ive seen. Perfectly streamlined
Todd Johnes 1
That's what gets me about these newer Gulfstreams. The wings are just so gorgeous. Similar to the A380... yeah the plane itself is big, but that WING is massive!
eric dufay 2
The G650 is an amazing airplane...but most expensive private jet probably goes to this guy.
Jason Feldman 1
This piece of crap would be nothing if not for oil. I have no respect for these oil-sheiks and their tacky use of money. But yeah, I wouldn't kind having an A380 as my home. Personally I would prefer a 747-8... but I am kinda happy that he chose Scare-bus... who knows, we might all get lucky and the tail fin might break off or something. (preferably over Saudi Arabia and not over the US.
preacher1 3
They call it the BEST, but I kinda liked my little super modified CRJ. The 767 wasn't no slouch either
chalet 0
The G650 and Bombadier long range are very nice planes but after 10 hours aloft I know that the execs traveling on them would prefer having flown full first class on a 380 for the simple reason that they have much eider and bigger spaces to mill aroung, take a shower, and sleep more confortably, and the BBJ and ACJ can be more confy than the 650.
Robert Cheeseman 1
I know a couple of G550 owner/operators that routinely fly 10+ hours and they would disagree with you. Personally, I get stir-crazy after 4 hours and can't imagine flying 8+ hours. I know one G450 owner that flys 8+ hours several times a year and they enjoy it. Their previous aircraft was a Hawker 800XP.
chalet 2
Well if your friends splurged $50+on a Gulfy they got to say that they love it and I am with you, crossing the Atlantic or Pacific specially on Eastbound legs even Business class is very demanding on my irritation department. Once I company i dealt with was trying to fly a VP of an unnamed South American country clear across the US from Orlando to LAX, SFO and back on a Learjet 35 to impress him on certain installations and hopefully get a similar order. I told these guys if they want to kill the prospective business go right ahead with such a cramped thing, he would disembark in LAX and kiss them good-bye. The company did not want to spend on a Gulfy 4 and that was the end of it (LOL!!!)


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