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Breitling Releases 75th Anniversary AOPA Navitimer Watch

The partnership between AOPA and Breitling spans over 60 years, when AOPA selected the Breitling Navitimer as the official watch of AOPA in 1954. Early in its history, Breitling was recognized as an aviator’s chronograph, notably providing on board chronographs for World War II fighter planes. The Navitimer, with a circular slide rule that enables it to perform all necessary navigation-related calculations, is the ideal pilot’s chronograph. Today, the Breitling Navitimer remains a favorite of… ( Ещё...

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Josh Preston 4
So all members get these in their next renewal package, right ;)
Andrew Niemyer 4
Because nothings says "AOPA is for the average pilot" like a watch that costs $6500 - $7500! Worse than the Wine Club idea in these times. Guess that's all we need to know about AOPA when they go from K Street lobbyist to a corporate CEO for leadership.
Nothing says "Success" like excess!
Just kidding. I'm dirt poor and own one. A 1942 Chronomat.
Adam Sparks 0
Partnership? I think the article meant "payoff" to Aopa so breitling gets the free fluff articles like this one


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