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Boeing Forecasts Demand for 36,770 New Airplanes Valued at $5.2 Trillion

Boeing forecasts that 8,600 new airplanes will be needed in the twin-aisle segment, led by small widebody airplanes in the 200 to 300 seat range such as the 787-8 and 787-9 Dreamliner. This year's forecast reflects a continued shift in demand from very large airplanes to efficient new twin-engine products such as the 787-10 and new 777X. ( Ещё...

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Am I correct in thinking that the numbers are for the benefit of shareholders in Boeing? In the days of the B707 to the classic B747-2, aircraft had lives built with obsolescence in mind given the technology of the time.

The current generation of aircraft can probably outlive anything given and produced previously with the correct maintenance and future upgrades.

If the USAF can keep a B52 airborne for upto and beyond 50 years why cannot airlines insist upon such resilience when creating new airliners? With modern composite materials used in construction, airframe fatigue would not be the issue the older generation suffer.

Therefore, why the forecast need for such a vast requirement other than to further enrich investors?
Lynn Armbruster 1
where can i get a job at Boeing lol
Michael Fuquay 2
Didn't they layoff a bunch of people last year (or maybe it was year before), even with their backlog numbering into the hundreds? I don't understand it. Maybe someone can explain it to me.
Josh Zylks 1
If memory serves, a lot of those layoffs were engineering related. With the 747-8 and 787 projects spinning down, and the 777X work not begun (at that time) they cut back on their R&D staff.
Alex Smith 1
Well, from a business standpoint, my guess would be to increase profits, so that their stock would have looked more attractive. After the 787 fiasco, I'm sure there was some concern about the stock.

That's my best guess, but I am no expert.
Michael Fuquay 1
I guess if they can keep up with airline commitments/schedules with less personnel, I suppose it could be done, from a business standpoint.
David Burns 1
I think that they are simply forecasting future needs, not necessarily what Boeing thinks it will provide.
joel wiley 1
Bogush Wysocki 1
do we really need 36,000 planes to clutter the skies
Michael Fuquay 2
I think the majority would be for replacement purposes.


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