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Electronics to be scrutinized under new TSA security measures

The Transportation Security Administration said Sunday that officers may ask passengers en route to the United States from overseas to turn on their electronic devices to prove they work and aren't explosive devices. They won't allow devices without power on board planes. The traveler may then undergo additional screening. It's part of an update to security measures aimed at combating potential new threats from terrorists in the Middle East and Europe. ( More...

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Chris Muncy 2
But yet we can still carry matches/lighters through security.......
Marcus Pradel 1
So, let's get this straight. We're back to 1995 style screenings and if your iPad or laptop is out of battery it is too dangerous to bring it onboard?!?
Paul Glick 1
Ric got it right. Profiling yes, but so what. I have watched TSA here in US scrutize little old ladies with walkers more thoroughly than men from the Middle East.
Ric Wernicke 0
This begs the question, how are devices that are not electric screened? This also ignores that most of the cargo below the deck is not screened at all.

The best way to stop terror on airplanes is to screen Muslim males between 17 and 41. Is there anyone else trying to destroy aircraft?
Falconus 3
Let me explain this to you.

1. People who want to do harm to an airplane will either be impulsive enough to not plan it out, and will probably get caught, or they will painstakingly work around the security systems in place. If Middle-Eastern-looking men between 17 and 41 are targeted for extra checks, then I guarantee you that the person carrying a bomb through the checkpoint will not be a Middle-Eastern-looking man between 17 and 41 years of age. It'll probably be some white woman who looks as American as can be. You should realize that even among Islamic extremists (a very small portion of Muslims, by the way), they are not all of Middle-Eastern descent.
2. People who are not Muslims (*gasp*) have been known to cause harm to airplanes for other reasons. Check out China Northern flight 6136.
3. One of my really good friends has Lebanese ancestry. It doesn't matter to me what his religious beliefs are, but, since you seem to think it is important for some reason, he is not Muslim (he's Christian). However, he looks Middle Eastern. You are essentially advocating extra checks and hassles for him, who was born in this country and wears the United States Army uniform to protect the freedoms that don't matter to you. I don't like it when people mess with my friends and you are pissing me off.
4. If we are going to employ profiling against Middle Easterners, then by logical extension we need to profile everybody when they pose an elevated risk of something. This means, for example, pulling out all of the white middle-class school children and subject them to extra rules, because statistically if anybody shoots up a school in the US, it is more than likely to be a while, middle-class person, often a student in the school.
5. This is AMERICA. We have basic rights when it comes to essential freedoms (equal before the law, etc). You are free to create a petition to change this, but I won't be supporting you. Until we decide as a country that we are going to pack it in and give it all up for an illusion of safety, you have to deal with the ever-so-slightly elevated risks that we have to enjoy our freedoms as American citizens. Sorry, but that's how it is.
canuck44 1
The Chinese Northern flight was insurance fraud and it those purchasers were identified they would be easy to screen, Muslim, Caucasian or Oriental.

Your comments on "Rights" is entirely bogus. There is no "right" to purchase a ticket or to fly. The use of the concept that rights exist for all sorts of perceived injustices that displeases individuals in society cheapens the actual rights to which the US Constitution confers. The recent decisions of the the SCOTUS have emphasized this striking down demands for the rest of society to pay for the rights demanded by a few. While your comments are all very laudable as they apply to the few, the majority have a "right" to fly securely, knowing appropriate screening has taken place. If a Muslim from Yemen buys a one way ticket with cash, I want him screened with extra diligence.
Chris Muncy 5
If we followed the same practice that the Israeli's do, this would be a non-issue....
Jake Wythe 0
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U.S. Tightens Security Screenings Overseas for Electronic Devices

Travelers heading to the United States from over a dozen foreign airports will encounter new screening measures at airport security checkpoints starting Sunday. The move follows last week’s announcement by Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson about plans for “enhanced security measures” at “certain overseas airports with direct flights to the United States.”


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