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Canadian air force hires foreign pilots to fly front-line jets

Canada’s air force has been hiring foreign pilots to fly its front-line transport aircraft, maritime patrol planes and fighter jets, citing an inability to recruit Canadians to fill seats in the military cockpits. ( Ещё...

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arturosu27 1
Hi Good Day I'm FAA Comercial Instrument Pilot with 1000hrs fly time what i need to apply for it?
preacher1 1
135 or 90 as FO for the time being. Build total time to 1500hrs+ TT and get you an ATP for 121 pointy end.
arturosu27 1
Ok. Copy that I'll be flying till get 1500hrs and ATP thank you
Bruce Campion-Smith 1
It appears that the air force is hiring former military pilots who have logged hours either in fast jets or the kind of transports that are operated by the Canadians, such as the Hercules C-130 or C-17 Globemaster. That way they can be placed right into the cockpit with minimal training. They're also looking for higher time pilots who can act as instructors to train the Canadians.
arturosu27 1
Hey Bruce just one cuestión if you know maybe you an help me with some Info. Do you know whats the procedure to convert FAA license to Canadian license ?
arturosu27 1
King Air 90, 200 and 350 in single pilot dosen't work?
Jacques Dery 1
Disgusting. Am I surprised? No
Eric Renaud 1
Military pilots? Unbelievable! If ever Canada goes to war, will these pilots defend Canada.... Hmmmm let me think!
Paul Sonnenberg 1
Paul Sonnenberg 0


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