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LA-To-Honolulu Flight Returns After Engine Trouble

LOS ANGELES (AP) — An American Airlines flight from Los Angeles International Airport to Honolulu has landed safely back at Los Angeles with one engine out. Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor say Flight 283, a Boeing 757, declared an emergency Monday and returned to Los Angeles with the No. 1 engine out. The 757 has two engines. (losangeles.cbslocal.com) Ещё...

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Ryan Vince 7
I'm just waiting for the news to say the single engine Airbus 757 nearly crashed because it's engine failed. As a result of this incident, the 787 is once again grounded because of the 757 engine problem.
Paul Ahkolik 1
Or the B330 for that matter ;-)
Andy Cruickshank 3
Sounds like this was more precautionary that the press would have you believe. I can see that heading out over the Pacific with a generator out is not wise but if I am reading this correctly both engines were turning and burning and they just dropped the generator off line. Interesting that it made the news and the recent Qantas A380 with multiple fuel pump issues did not get a mention
preacher1 2
There was a story posted about the Qantas 380. Don't remember what day but I just looked in the FA archives and couldn't find it.

You are correct on this one too. AAG did say it landed with both engines running.
joel wiley 1
This one?

as for the publicity, in some news circles the watchword for stories seems to be "if it ain't Boeing, the story ain't going".
preacher1 1
Yep, tks, I knew it was in there from just a couple days back, but I see it got downvoted bad
joel wiley 1
I only found it because it was in my notification list. Maybe the down votes came from passengers who would rather overnight around HNL than LAX. Oh the fickleness of the voting public.
preacher1 1
Seems to me there was a comment to that effect.LOL
chalet 2
What a waste of space. There are hundreds of flights that do not complete because an engine had to be shut down, or there was smoke in the galleys, etc.etc.etc. and no sweat.
LGM118 1
"The 757 has two engines"

Given that we're talking about a 757 here, really the only problem is the thrust asymmetry. I have no doubt a 757 would be able to just do the trip on one engine.


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