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Search for MH370 Brings ‘Credible Leads’ Says Australian PM

As the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner continued in the southern Indian Ocean Sunday, new leads emerged. At a news conference Sunday, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott told reporters that the authorities leading the search had a number of credible leads that showed promise.... ( Ещё...

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daniel klein 1
Peter Gregg 1
Using the word credible in the same sentance as the Australian PM?
13Defender 1
And here we are 6 days later, with nothing to show from the "credible leads." I feel badly for the families who have to ride this roller coaster of emotion driven by these thoughtless bureaucrats.
Gary Hjelm 1
Will we (public) ever know what happened to this flight? It seems that something from this flight could be found in one of the promising areas that have been shown by the press. Maybe the Chinese where right in saying that something happened to this flight, but did it crash. All of the satellite information is either inconclusive, or it has some sort of criteria attached to it. The mathematics in behind all of these theories about where it crashed, have not produced one scrap of this plane. Malaysian Airlines Flight 390 had nearly a full flight, and it would seem that if it hit the water at 200 miles per hour or greater, then it would have broken up. Some parts of the plane would have sank, but things like seat cushions would have floated. The whole scenario is difficult to believe. Wouldn't it be a surprise if this plane actually was to fly again?


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