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Beijing airport goes into lockdown after passenger ‘in a hurry’ says he has a bomb in his butt

One of China’s busiest airports was put in lockdown after a passenger “in a hurry” joked that he had a bomb stuffed inside his butt. Witnesses said the man was moaning about slow security checks at Beijing International Airport on Monday Mar. 17 when he made the flippant comment. Worried he would miss his flight, he reportedly asked officers at Terminal 3: “Do I need to drop my pants as well? I have a bomb in my ass.” ( Ещё...

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ice21 1
What a selfish idiot. Give yourself more time to check in etc. And you wouldn't have a problem. All his actions did was close the terminal and delay everyone. Plus muck up the flight ops.
Jim Heslop 1
He may not have had a bomb up his arse, but he sure shoved a hornet up theirs!
steve rogers 1
don't think he will be doing that again anytime soon , the search must a hurt like hell


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