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Etihad flight diverted by reported bathroom arsonist

According to Etihad Airways, flight EY461 from Melbourne to Abu Dhabi had to make an emergency stop in Jakarta on Monday after smoke was detected in bathrooms mid-flight. ( Ещё...

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KC Hoover 5
Good grief, what is wrong with these idiots that do this kind of behavior?
sparkie624 3
bad question to ask... the list is way too long to cover here.
PhotoFinish 1
They need to know 'who' exactly was starting fires on a plane in flight.

It ended well, but this is not an insignificant incident. Reminds me of earlier reports of possible 'terrorists' Ho were testing the in-flight security by changing seats around frequently, getting up and running up the aisle, then licking themselves in the lav for an extended period of time.

Part of these tests could have to do with a motive to try to determine which behaviors have a high likelihood of drawing out the air marshall on a flight (who would otherwise be anonymous).
sparkie624 1
I agree... I did not mean not to know who... but what is wrong with them...
PhotoFinish 1
I had no issue with your comment.

But as the gravity of the situation sets in, this incident is alarming.

Was/were one or more individuals trying to bring down that planeon that day? Was it an attempt to learn about tactics? Was it just a stupid and desperate passenger trying to get a smoke?
sparkie624 3
"When smoke was detected in two of the toilets"... Geez.. Smoke from one toilet is not enough to divert..
Robert Ambrose 1
This flight should have never left Jakarta without determining who the arsonists were.
PhotoFinish 1
I am surprised by that.

Then they only started taking security seriously by limiting passenger movements about the plane and checking the labs after each pasenger ONLY AFTER the arson continued on the second leg of the resumed flight.
rj sullivan 0
Dumb ass. Reminded me when I first started as a flight attendant with Comair in april 2006, we were informed of some clever trainee from Comair decided to be a "hero" decided to start a fire in the lav. Turned out to be a bonafide psychotic chump! Got a hell'uva sentence! Google this guys name here:--->>

[This poster has been suspended.]

randomguy 9
you mean other humans? yea... who knew?
shawn white 3
Fly with United or AA once, and then try Etihad or Emirates. Then decide who are really the terrorists.


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