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American Airlines to Launch Airbus A321 Transcon Fleet Tuesday

American Airlines is introducing its brand new Airbus A321 transcontinental sub-fleet Tuesday to passengers Tuesday with initial flights between New York and Los Angeles. The new planes are replacing the much larger Boeing 767-200s that have been used on the airline’s premium transcon routes linking New York with San Francisco and Los Angeles for years..... ( Ещё...

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Paul Gooding 3
Hmm, flying over Arizona and then New Mexico, on the way to California. This thing must be some unusual flying machine!
Jeff Hacker 3
Just hope they don't have the same seats as their A319's in steerage. . . .
Steven Macom 3
Ugh, I've been watching these flights for the last two days, and listening in on The tower controller at KLAX complimented AAL133 on the new A321 tonight. Too funny.
preacher1 1
Simply amazing how after all that and wreckage scattered over so many miles that such a small thing could be reconstructed/discovered as the cause of the crash. Glad all made it out alive.
Uh oh, do I need to send you a hot young nurse with some meds.?
preacher1 10
No, my computer had a brain fart and the comment posted on the wrong one. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. LOL
chalet 1
Your computer having a brain fart is easily seen, this blog is related to American introducing the Airbus 321 on trascon flights and yur are taling about nurses(LOL!!!).
preacher1 1
Actually the comment was for the B-1crash and wound up here. THRUSST was just gigging me about age but if he'll ever admit it, he's not far behind.LOL
Brian Bishop 2
If Wayne don't want her, I'll take her.
preacher1 1
preacher1 1
Send him down to Brian. He's closer to you, just off the North end at CLT. LOL
All I could find was a male nurse


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