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(Video) Introducing the Boeing 777X

Slick video from Boeing, with a few subtle digs at the competition (www.youtube.com) Ещё...

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Well, they announced it.....
and they took orders for $95 Billion of them at the Dubai Airshow
now all they have to do is build it!
iflyifr 0
PhotoFinish 4
It's too bad they're not working together more amicably. They could be working together to generate more of the best manufacturing jobs anywhere in the world.

Continued difficulties in these area will, at best move more jobs to other Boeing facilities in other regions without the union headache. At worst, the jobs could be exported to other manufacturers and other countries, as Boeing (with uncontrollable legacy costs) falls behind in the increasingly cut-throat global competition for commercial aircraft manufacturing.
canuck44 7
Has "subtle" become a synonym for "blatant"?
CloudSurfer89 1
Alain Rustici 1
Magnifique et élégance !
Michael Wendt 1
Back to the future. The original 777 plans included folding wing tips.
klimchuk 1
I like 777X very much. Especially new cockpit.
Chris Griffith 1
Excellent, thanks for the link.
Scott Hawthorn 1
Nice, but the one false (or funny!) note was "the cathedral-like ceilings." LOL!
salucas2000 1
As a Boeing Union Member, there are things about the Union I would like to see change. Less hostility for one. I believe most members would have approved a new contract if there had just been a opportunity to talk about it. If the 777X is not built in Everett, it will have nothing to do with economics and everything to do with spite.
AWAAlum 1
It sounds like your union rep needs to get off the dime.
PhotoFinish 1
The plane should be built in Everitt. The best planes being made by the best workers for the best manufacturer.

But as you note there's a lot of bad blood between the union and management.

It's up to you and other workers to get this done. Clarify what exactly are the workers' most important priorities and present the company with what will work for you in a long-term commitment, that will offer the company many years without labor drama.

You and the other workers must get a majority of workers to go along.

You guys have some of the best manufacturing jobs in the world. Don't let them slip away. It will be a sad story in history of US manufacturing.

Good luck. Make us proud.
jcsjcs 1
I always find it highly amusing if an aircraft maker is promoting its interior cabin as "spacious" and "comfortable" since we all know that the interior will be determined by the buying airline. And in 95% this means more seats to fill up the space.
Eduardo Rusi 1
Alain Rustici 0
iflyifr 0
Moderators; The "Molina Davis" post is pure spam..Please handle this. I don't wish that this site become a home for spam like some other forums. Thank you.
AWAAlum 1
Go to the "Contact" link top right to report spammers.
AWAAlum 1
PhotoFinish 2
Actually the very first step should be hitting the 'Report' link under every spam message. That is there to notify FA of the spam and/or to automatically delete the offending spam.

FA needs to do a better job of getting rid of spam. Maybe spam reported by multiple movers should get removed automatically until a staff cam take a look rather than waiting for staff review. The amount of spam has been getting ugly as of late.
AWAAlum 1
Great to know! I hadn't noticed the "Report" option. I've been doing it the long way I guess, but it had been working.
iflyifr 1
I did report it 2days ago. PhotoFinish is correct. Everyone should report and perhaps multiple reports will work better. Thanks.
Daniel Baker 1
Yes, we're getting better at handling this, but clicking 'report' is the best way.
James Erthal 0
uncontrollable legacy costs= means there is people we can screw over and get more money for ourselves

[This poster has been suspended.]

Paul Ahkolik 1
Sorry, my malware scanner won't let me go there.
Thanks for a really fantastic inovation - Cannot wait to travel in the 777X


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