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787 windshield cracked while landing at Melbourne airport

Air India 787 windshield cracked when the flight from Delhi was landing at a Melbourne airport late on Sunday. They were still in the process of finding out what caused the crack. ( Ещё...

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joe milazzo 2
BFD!!!! I've had at least 4 windshields crack on me over the years!! One happened at FL410!!
Back when the DorkJet first came out it wasn't uncommon to blow out a windscreen.
dave garcia 2
Your exactly right! This type of incident happens more frequently than people think. But because it's the "787" it will be blown out of proportion just like everything else with this aircraft. Boeing didn't manufacture the windscreen or pretty much any other failed component on that aircraft. It doesn't matter how much a product is tested in a controlled environment, it will not be the same in the real world. Happens all the time.
Do 'journalists' have a working brain or just dog poo in their skulls? I am getting rather tired of totally inept journalism ..... sorry...inept reporting! A true journalist writes for respected journals such as Flight International etc. it is the wretched 'hacks' that cause the trouble and frighten off innocent passengers and wreck airline balance sheets!

I dislike the B787 because it is pig ugly even if it is a technical marvel but I would fly on it if it rubs a lousy reporter's nose in his or her own garbage.
preacher1 1
This is a duplicate squawk. There is another one from a day or so back that is now over in popular squawks, with 19 up votes and over 20 comments.
Luke Chaney 1
sparkie624 1
Come on people... give me a break.... This happens to all planes and the windshield is not manufactured by Boeing.. Every month I have a min of 3 windshield problem... the news media needs to get away from this... Bad article..
Luke Chaney 0
Yeah no big deal, Joe, just a risk of explosive decompression.


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