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Man killed in skydiving accident wasn't planning to jump

BROOKLYN, Iowa —An Iowa skydiving company may enforce stricter rules after a man was killed in a freak accident Friday. ( Ещё...

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Zachary Colescott 1
So...not really a skydiving accident...
bravowren 4
Yes and No. The accident was caused directly because he was wearing skydiving gear. The premature deployment resulting in his ejection would not have taken place had he not been wearing a jump rig. Yes, technically he was probably not wearing "skydiving" gear, but an emergency parachute.
Also, emergency rigs are not required for passengers in skydiving aircraft unless the aircraft is doing "aerobatics". Observers on skydiving runs wear parachutes because pilots crank the planes down for the next load, typically exceeding the bank and pitch angles for non-aerobatic flight as defined by the FAA.
The PIC is totally to blame for not making him wear a seat belt, and letting a non-trained jumper to sit near an open door with a rig.. He was damn lucky the parachute did not snag on the tail or stabilizer. Premature deployments often result in loss of control of the aircraft.
joel wiley 1
Something missing from the story. Chute deployed inside the plane. Clearly FAA at fault for not promulgating regulation prohibiting chute deployment prior to aircraft egress.


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