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Great SWA Story

Some guy on another forum got to ragging on those who fly carriers like SWA as being "bargain hunters" who "like to be treated like garbage." This was my response and I figured I'd share it here as well. ( Ещё...

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Andrew Smith 3
I recently left my iPad 1/3 poking out of the outside pocket of my roller bag when I loaded the bag in the trunk of my car and drove to SNA. I always carry on and planned to use the iPad in flight. The wife wanted to check her bag so I did too and I headed to TSA empty handed. I realized what I'd done, and knew the bag had left the SWA counter. I asked the gate agent if they could assist, and 10 minutes later they paged me and handed me my iPad. I LUV SWA!

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Daniel Sallee 1
This is what southwest looks for when they're hiring - people that want to drink the Southwest koolaide. GREAT airline, but too much loyalty can be a problem in any circumstance.
Thanks For a nice article on SWA, I fly Southwest airline all the time, I am a pilot myself, and I must say, there pilots are some of the best in the business, former astronauts and the majority of pilots ex-military. The flight attendants always make you feel welcome, and most are funny as well. They are my number one, hands down.
Daniel Sallee 2
Southwest also has had by far the largest number of pilot-error accidents in the last few decades. I also ride Southwest, but I won't praise them as being ultra-safe. They have some great crews, but it's important to keep in mind the overall operation.
Deane Piekara 1
Southwest, in my opinion, is one of the worst airlines out there. I had to use Southwest for business travel for many years as it was the company dictating what to fly. Southwest is great for short hauls,no baggage, and clear days. It is a great airline until you have a problem. Then the "REAL" Southwest shows its face. I call them "Cattle Car Air"

Some Major Issues that I have seen;

1.) A person on the way to the bathroom, passes out drops to the floor in the front galley. Flight attendants do not know what to do. It takes them 15 minutes before hey ask if there is a doctor on board. All the flight attendant did was put on a set of head phones and talk to someone. Thank God there was a doctor on board to finally revive the man. This was the second time I seen this happen. DO NOT GET SICK on this airline,

2.) Baggage is one of my big problems with Southwest. First they have open baggage carts. So if it raining when then load or unload the plane your baggage is soaked. Don't ask them to compensate you for drying or cleaning, or buying new clothes because everything you have is "WET", they will refuse as it is an act of god.

I travel with tools that HAVE TO BE CHECKED as baggage. They do not have added insurance or give extra attention to these items as other airlines do. First they make you sign a waiver that they are not responsible should anything happen to the tools and or parts you are carrying, then loose them. AGAIN they are not responsible. The company spent a lot of money on lost tools and parts, but the owner still made us fly them because he could keep changing his mind about flights and not be charged for the changes like other airlines

3.) Weather delays are the biggest problem with them. They seem to have a problem with rerouting their aircraft and filing new flight plans to get around weather. Plus they cannot give you any answers, because there is no communication between the company and their agents, I was delayed for hours, then their web site said they cancelled the flight, but it took two more hours before the agent got the word. I been through this so many times. I have had pilots of other airlines check on delays and could not figure why a southwest flight was canceled , or delayed so long.

5) A word of warning, If you check in at the front of the terminal, the gate agent does not know you are checked it at the airport. The front desk cannot communicate with the gate agents.

Southwest is not my favorite airline


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