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Delta, American match United on change-fee hike

Delta Air Lines Inc. and American Airlines have matched United's increase in the fee for changing a domestic-flight reservation to $200 from $150. With US Airways Group Inc. having matched the increase last week, all four of the so-called legacy airlines have raised the cost of changing a ticket. United Continental Holdings Inc. has said that it incurs costs when a customer changes a reservation and the higher fee compensates for the cost. Delta spokesman Anthony Black said Thursday that… ( Ещё...

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preacher1 3
I like the part where DAL says it needs to stay competitive. I had heard of cuts to do that but never an increase.LOL
alliedjet 2
Proud to be a Southwest customer.
John Tindall 1
Right on!! Let's get those tweets going to set up charters. Call NetJets. These extra fees for everything are out of control. Also the Banks -- charging fees to get our money out of "their" banks -- also ridiculous and anti-consumer. When will we fight back. Where have we gone with service in this country?? It isn't there anymore. Sad Story!!
Chris Donawho 1
Call NetJets. As soon as you hear the price of the first leg of your trip, you'll hang up and call Delta begging to pay double.
Lewis Tripp 1
Thats BS. Computer changes don't cost $200 a pop. Gouge.
Maxwell Chen 1
Sad. I guess I will have to fly Southwest or JetBlue more in the future.
Passengers are the enemy and should be discouraged at every opportunity.
kyle estep 0
No actually that is how the employees are treated, especially the connection/express airlines.
AccessAir -2
Monkey See Monkey Do!!!!!! These airlines mystify me as to who they are able to stay in business. When will the travelling public stop bending over to be buggered by all these stupid fees??
Toby Sharp 2
this ain't the place to be tellin fokes not to fly! ha
Chris Donawho 1
I understand the business side of this. But I seem to remember my company under federal investigation for price fixing. How on earth is the practice of all these airlines colluding to rate/fee hikes not a crime? It's the only industry that gets away with it on a regular basis.
joel wiley 1
When the all can afford charters. Here's an idea- a sort of crowdsource organization to charter flights. Find 10 people going somewhere at the same time, and bundle into a charter. Go GA, avoid TSA, choose your time to go. Could that work?
blake1023 -2
Andrew Taylor -1
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AA, Delta Match Change Fee Increase of United, US Airways

Two more domestic carriers have increased the fee to change a flight, matching a move initiated by United Airlines last month and quickly matched by US Airways.


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