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Boeing close to fixing Dreamliner battery: source

Boeing has found a way to fix battery problems with its grounded 787 Dreamliner jets which involves increasing the space between cells, a source familiar with the U.S. company's plans told Reuters. "The gaps between cells will be bigger. I think that's why there was overheating," said the source, who declined to be identified because the plans are private. The 50 Dreamliners in commercial service were grounded worldwide last month after a series of battery-related incidents… ( Ещё...

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Ev Butler 2
I predict that Boeing will get the go-ahead fro regulators by March 1. All they have to do is prove that the batteries pose no threat to the passengers, even if it odes overheat. Had they allowed the APU to operate like in the old days before emissions controls, this wouldn't have been a problem as the APUs could continue to be operate like they used to. I wonder what the EPA will think of next.
chalet 1
What is your technical background anyway
vern egli 1
here is a followup article that has a bunch of info in it...
Tabs 1
Isn't this exactly what Elon Musk from Tesla Motors said the problem probably was - spacing between cells?
Brian Bishop 1
See the other post about improper wiring.
Tyler Tashji 0
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Boeing readies short-term battery fix, facing uncertainty

Boeing will propose to regulators as early as this week a short-term fix to bolster the 787’s defenses in case of battery fires like those that have kept the jet grounded for the past month.


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