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There's a big reason towns don't want to host the F-35

The F-35s "will have incredibly significant negative impact on up to 10,000 people who will be unfortunate enough to be in the noise contour zone that the federal government deems unsuitable for residential use," Greco said. "For me it's become a clear-cut analytical choice. The facts say this is harmful to our environment." ( Ещё...

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Brian Bishop 10
Makes you wanna fly a few F-4 Phantoms over these people's house. Just so they know what loud is.
linbb 6
And where would these people like them baised? Lets see not in there back yard. Isnt that the way it always comes down to? They are the same ones who built by an airport knowing that there was going to be loud noise. I think the sound is freedom not just some one messing around for no good reason. Hmm what about those big airliners that the sameones take on vacation? Bet that when they are in them they dont even think about the noise thats created by there mode of transport.
eichelro 5
The same people that complain about the jet noise would be up in arms if the armed forces decided to close the base in that town. If they don't want them, move them to a place that welcomes the jobs.
Towney Sausville 5
The Vermont Air Guard used to fly F-4's in the late 70's and early 80's. The city of Winooski (as mentoned in the articile) wanted to build a dome over the city to help mitigate the noise. Yes, a dome. Go figure.
linbb 3
What a great place to live they want the security of the military but not what you have to put up with to be free. Move to Iran and let me know how that works out people.
shawn white 2
There you would not only have a louder sound of the f14s overhead, but also a higher chance of airplane parts falling out of the sky...
Cannikin -3
So if you don't want your house shaking on a regular basis you hate freedom and need to move to Iran? Sarah Palin, is that you?
Brian Bishop 2
65Db don't exactly "shake" your house (or anything else for that matter).
That's vacuum cleaner loud. And that's in the article, did you read it?
kvh1775 4
Send some MU-2's in for a month before the f-35's arrive, and then a month later remove them and nobody will be complaining about the sound of the JSF.
Torsten Hoff 4
I like hearing that noise when I'm playing golf in Destin. Elgin makes life on the Emerald Coast very interesting.
shawn white 3
You would guess that people would think it is cool to hear the roar of a F-35. They are several hundred million apiece stealth fighters that are supposed to be like the Galactic Star...
zennermd 1
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