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L.A.-to-London flight diverted to O'Hare because of 'unruly' passenger

A United Airlines Boeing 777, flight 934 from Los Angeles en route to London, was diverted to O'Hare International Airport early today when an intoxicated passenger pushed other passengers and an airplane crew member, authorities said. Federal authorities declined to pursue charges against the woman, 34, from Redondo Beach, Calif. The flight was subsequently canceled. ( Ещё...

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Clement 7
One clown is all it takes to mess it up for eveyone else .. The Feds should have pressed charges.
Lucio DiLoreto 3
Makes no sense. If someone steals from Walmart they go to jail. If someone causes thousands of dollars worth of damage to an airline they get a free pass.
bob elmar 3
No charges were pressed because it was a female passenger, a male certainly would have been charged. In my 30 years of practicing law, I have seen this over and over again. Btw, men tend to get approx. a 3 times longer sentence then women for the same crime. May justice prevail!
richard weiss 2
If a passenger injures another person on board an aircraft in international airspace, is the first landing site of the aircraft the place of jurisdiction? Otherwise, a person could commit murder and not be charged using the principles applied in this case.
Torsten Hoff 1
The country where the aircraft is registered has jurisdiction.
Andy Tyler 1
"federal authorities declined to file charges"
Peter Douglas 2
I think they should have a specific room where they take jerks like this, and all the passengers whose flight now won't connect and/or whose day/holiday has been ruined, etc, can all file past and abuse, whack, spit on, and/or punch their lights out, and generally make the idiot realise the error of their ways. Trouble is that they are probably too drunk to remember it later.
shawn white 2
Yeah something like a seat in the back where they can be handcuffed to
or restrained would sound good.
Jeff Lawson 2
Flight track for UAL934 --
JJ Johnson 2
Let me get this straight. A drunk rich B%Tch causes a transatlantic flight to be diverted and then cancelled? Why not tie her butt to one of the bathroom heads and make her smell crap all the way to London and then arrest her overseas and make the dumb c%$t deal with international lawyers and jails? What a joke.
John DuPont 1
I have been involved in diversions, and situations where we had to remove unruly pax while working for HP (America West) in ABQ. Twice we were told not to press charges. The only time we were able to do so, was when a flight from FLL-LAS had to divert to ABQ because a food fight broke out on the flight. 10 pax were removed, and charged with unruly behaviour and disruption of crew activities. It is very frustrating when a manager or supervisor tells us not to press. I think its all because they dont want to mess with the paper work.
Rae Sol 1
she's not rich JJ Johnson...and not a B%Tch or a c%$t.
You're probably right on at least one count!lol
Toby Sharp 1
they should just start throwin' these idiots out the door mid-flight......they will only have to do it once before the number of these stories begin to quickly decline....
That's the same theory that would stop illegals from crossing the border in just a couple days. Lol
Martin Connor 1
One of my greatest fears is being trapped on an aircraft with one or more intoxicated passengers, BUT why do we allow alcohol to be sold at airports and on aircraft? It makes little sense. There are people who get drunk in order to have the courage to get on the plane in the first place.
Eduardo Casara 0
In what part of the flight did the problem was discovered?

Porto Alegre, Brazil.


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