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Business Aviation: The Unfair Advantage

What was once used only in extraordinary circumstances or by top global companies has today become a business necessity. If you charter, lease or own an aircraft, you already understand that Business Aviation — also called General Aviation — ( Ещё...

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Marcus Pradel 4
Props for using the best looking airplane ever made on the article.

The Starship rocks!
Toby Sharp 1
william Willard 2
Scroll down, there's a starship there too!
chalet 2
Terrible article as the author claims that only 3% of the general aviation aircraft are used by corporations and the remaining 97% by various organizations, etc. The bum obviously knows what a plane looks like is but that is all he knows about aviation: the remaining 97% is made by people who love planes and enjoy flying as a hobby, so if he was trying to extoll the virtues of 20 to 45 million dollar business jets private aviation did not have to be mentioned.
Thomas Lillis IV 4
That was my concern as well. The author conflated "Business Aviation" with "General Aviation". That is dangerous given the present regulatory climate. The reality is more complex. For example, how many small business owners put what is ostensibly a private plane under their business for tax and liability purposes? How many use "company planes" as others do "company cars"?
Jonathan Baker 1
Use of the phrase "The Unfair Advantage" without reference to Mr. Roger Penske is sacrilege!
slgordon3 1
Thank you for this public service announcement from the Business Jet Manufacturers Association :)


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