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King Air - Fatal near KMGW - developing

Developing out of Morgantown, WV. Few details at this point. ( Ещё...

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David George 2
Small town news, but big hearts.
Local TV Station did the reporting.
tim mitchell 1

Bernie20910 0
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Authorities say 1 dead in W.Va. plane crash

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — One person has been killed in a crash involving a small plane apparently affiliated with a Montana oil and gas company that struck two West Virginia Public Broadcasting towers near Coopers Rock State Forest.
David George 0
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King Air 90 N508GT down

News reporting N508GT down with one soul aboard on Friday mourning. He was low and clipped two communication towers. Debris scattered for a mile.
Site near Coopers Rock Park near Morgantown, WV
linbb -4
Now thats one great news story only could have been written by a 12yr old. Dont know what caused the crash? Well seems that that radio tower just hit the airplane for no reason and then that darn plane crashed for no reason. Keep up the good work newspaper.
Kira Andreola 6
We don't know the whole story. All the article did was report that the crash happened when the plane collided with the radio tower, not WHY it collided into the radio tower. There may have been some kind of malfunction or maybe a medical emergency with the pilot. Experienced pilots don't just crash into radio towers for no reason.
chalet -7
There must be some kind of "filtering" (I did not say censorship) to screen what is worth and what is not worth making this blog and this one certainly should have been killed.


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