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Exterior Camera on Blue Angles (Video)

Buckle Up and hold on .. This is almost, like being a wing walker on a jet fighter. ( Ещё...

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siriusloon 5
Are the Blue Angles anything like the Blue Angels?
Aaron Donnelly 2
richard weiss 2
Pretty average day's work if you happen to be best in the world.
Charles Felipe 2
Cool! If you are the Blue Angels fan Look out for the DVD Blue Angels: A Year In the Life.
This video goes behind the scenes of the Blue Angels in how they select the demonstration pilots and much more! A MUST GET DVD!!!!
Mark Lansdell 2
They just performed 2X over Baltimore Harbor for the bicentennial "celebration" of the Battle of Baltimore, war of 1812. I've been privileged to watch them at past Naval Academy graduations and at annual celebrations at Andrews AFB. I never tire of watching them even though I should have their "routine" memorized by now. Pilots love to watch airplanes, I guess.
Joy Hamilton 1
Pilots Moms love watching airplanes as well. I never tire of it!
Ralph Takach 1
Oops!!! I guess I made the same mistake as Mark. Blue Angels....NOT Angles. (Thanks siriusloon)
Charles Felipe 1
Want great information on The Blue Angels go to:!
Steven Gelling 1
Rick Barton 1
John Roberts 1
Frédéric Lord 1
Looks like footage from "Magic of Flight" IMAX movie made 10 years ago !!
Ralph Takach 1
I am not a pilot, but have always enjoyed flying. This video is one of the most spectacular sights I have ever seen. To capture the split second maneuvers with the outside cameras is amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Makes me appreciate the Blue Angles even more.

Ralph T.
David Boggs 1
There is nothing like that! Amazing skill.
Buster Chappell -1
Blue Angles, huh? Is that any particular angle or just a blue one?


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