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Cell Phone at 36000'

Switching off your cellphone during a flight will soon be a thing of the past, according to aviation experts, who are tipping in-flight mobile connectivity to become a standard feature of air travel. ( Ещё...

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Wonderful. Now we need to hear Joe and Jenny Annoyance blab about their lives on the next transcon. I hope this does not become mainstream. If so, they should have designated quiet zones like on Amtrak. Areas where cell phone use is allowed should be in the very back near the lavs!
Yazoo 4
You got it wrong. Not quiet zones. They should have cell phone zones. They're called the lavs. (grin)
chalet 1
I could easily choke to death a blabber sitting next to me. Indeed if the airlines want to increasy income by offering this service they should be very careful not to enrage the remaining 90 to 95% of the passengers who don't want to be disturbed by either installing a sound-proof, anechoic telephone "booth" or designate flights that will not have this service at all.
Just what we all need. Think there have been some out of control passengers in the past? I can't think of a worse scenario.
indy2001 1
We've already had enough experience to predict what it will be like. After landing, when the F/A announces that cell phones may be used, how many of us have NOT been appalled at least once by some self-important loudmouth who can be heard throughout half the cabin? And the premium cabins are not a haven since the most self-important types generally sit there. Why do people still think that talking on a cell phone makes them special?
warmwynds 1
If you completely read this article you must understand those technology challenged CELL PHONES COULD NOT PENETRATE THE METAL BODY OF AN AIRLINER ON SEPTEMBER 1, 2001 or any time previous!
phumflyer 1
Is it fair to say that you're one of those conspiracists?
warmwynds 1
Early Riser..............just stating the facts, not making anything up....we all got hardwared that day..........good day.............
Tom Pera 0
you know.... if some obnoxious SOB is using their cell phone .... just start talking louder than they are... drown them out... it works... everywhere.... it will work on a plane.. just too bad they've banned guns on planes or we could just shoot them... just kidding TSA and FBI...


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