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F-35 Shot With Red Epic Camera Is Your Airplane Porn of the Week

Ivan Agerton, at Deep Space Reconnaissance/Special Ops, sent us this incredibly crisp footage of the F-35 shot for Lockheed Martin using a Red Epic camera and a Canon zoom. ( More...

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John Breakey 3
Super fantastic Digital Camera!
That title is sooooo appropriate. That footage is pretty special. Love the clarity!!!
Ric Wernicke 1
Red is so two years ago. Now everyone salivates about the Alexa. Electronics are here to stay, but how do you keep an image 100 years? Look at good high speed film shot with a Photosonics camera and you will see how beautiful warbirds at Edwards can be. That negative will be usuable in 500 years to show the origins of flight.
oowmmr 1
Love it!!


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