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Americas Newest Airline Readies For Takeoff

Baltia Air Lines, Inc., (BLTA.OB) after many years of planning is preparing to start their landmark nonstop passenger and freight service from John F Kennedy Airport in New York to St. Petersburg Russia. Baltia staff is presently working on the rigorous FAA Air Carrier Certification process. Baltia is the newest airline in the United States since Virgin America completed its FAA Certification and took to the skies in 2006. ( More...

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jim macke 2
The 747 is a former Pakistan International Airlines aircraft. It is 35 years old.
acmi 2
They will use Swissport or CAS for acft and pax handling like everyone else does at JFK these days. Pay is standard $8/hr and all you can steal.
BTW, according to their web site it is a rooster, not a chicken on the tail, and the pix of their aircraft looks like an old 747-200 to me.
Good thing there are no mountains between here and there...ref the recent Indonesia problem...crew called for 6000 ft clearance and hit a 7000 ft mountain.
Enough said...
So the 747-200 only has a 7000 ft. ceiling?
acmi 1
no- the one in Indonesia was some kind of new Ruskie design, not a 747
btweston 1
I think the plane you are bizarrely referencing crashed at 5500 ft. But whatever.
acmi 1
5500 vs 6000 against a 7000 obstacle gives the same outcome
Paradox320 1
Most likely Swissport; LOL @ all you can steal.

ralph greener 1
first i heard of baltia was at the college of aeronautics at lga in 1991, it's taken a long time to get it started
JJ Johnson 1
Wow their tale logo is a chicken. That's weird
I think it is glad to see 747-200s flying schedule passenger flights and not charter or cargo flights.
tim mitchell 0
soon the only planes over-head will all be owned by foreigners....tisk tisk tisk
John Danzy 4
Well, go tell one of the rich Americans to start an airline. Or better yet, you get rich and start an airline.

Anyhow don't forget, this dude is now one of those "job creators" for us.
tim mitchell 1
Well if I ever were to strike it rich and start an airline I would start out with turbo-props on domestic routes from reliever airports...Never would I start with a Jumbo Jet with one route to Russia...Like Mr.Lewis said below there is a big Russian population in NYC but lets be realistic; most of the business going that way belongs to Lufthansa...Now that route might make more since if they stopped in parts of Canada, then Greenland, Iceland and then on to Russia but starting an airline with a 4 engine beast like the 747 makes no sense unless you only plan to fly the route every other day...They could also offer another route going in the other direction with stops in the North West Territory, Alaska, and then Russia.
The airline is American, not Russian.
tim mitchell 0
The guys name on the website looked pretty Russian to me.
tim mitchell 1 whole destination....usually whenever I think of places I've always wanted to go Russia has never been at the top and not only that they chose the 747 as their flagship...thats a lot of seats to sell unless they are planning on a huge cargo contract to pay for fuel....Maybe they should have added Alaska, Greenland, Ice Land and Bermuda as stops as well.
I heard that in a video their aircraft was going to have 316 seats across 3 classes
tim mitchell 2
The point I was trying to make was I never hear of people wanting to go to can have 316 seats all day long but if you don't fill them the only thing that you are going to have is 316 seats.
I agree with that, but the only way to get to St. Petersburg now is to take Lufthansa or Finnair and go through their country to get their and it takes longer.
Robert Lewis 1
With all the 'new' money in Russia these days, and a very large Russian-American population in NYC, a couple flights a week might make sense. (Cents?) But yeah, I can't see this as a large scale operation when established airlines already have routes to the USSR, errr, Russia.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Another bad day for you Phil??? You gotta stop looking in the mirror!!!


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