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Delta Celebrates 25 Years of MD-88's

This past April 2012, a major milestone was achieved at Delta when our workhorse MD-88 fleet reached its 25th birthday with the company. ( More...

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sstuff 4
To me, an aircraft/airline enthusiast, the DC-9-8x model line is the epitome of aesthetic aircraft design. The thin, clean wings and the long, uncluttered forward fuselage make them a joy to behold. I’ll leave the aeronautics, mechanics, operation, etc. to those who are schooled in those matters.
slgordon3 3
I realize these old MD-88s have their problems, but as sstuff said they are a pleasure to look at. Especially on final.
AccessAir 2
The Bugless Douglas!!!
JetMech24 2
It won't retire for some time yet, they are modifying the -88 fleet to carry more pax right now.
EliteAirInc 2
My favorite airplane. Will there ever be a large t-tail aircraft again?
sparkie624 2
The plane is a very reliable a/c... As with All A/C, it has its problems. I have worked on these a/c and they do break. When they are Broke. They are Broke... But then again they are usually easy to fix by comparison... they are not a "RESET JET"
Raymond Herron 2
Having worked for Delta as well, the "Mad Dog" was their latest work horse. Once they retired the B727, the MD-88 became the backbone of their fleet. Happy Birthday!
preacher1 2
Well, the "mad dog, to me, was really just the DC-9 series evolving or at least that technology. DAL is taking them into the mod program now, as AA did and is doing at Tulsa, and intends to reman them and use them for awhile and that is all well and good. Problem is, unless they re-engine them or do something, all the mod and reman in the world ain't gonna stop them from being the worst gas hogs in the fleet, save possibly the older 9's. Now, I guess that higher fuel burn is still much cheaper than a new A/C, and if they recondition/reman their entire MD fleet, the airframe is plenty strong enough to be around for years.
preacher1 2
A good aircraft, but how long will it be until they start calling it a fuel guzzler and get them on the trade or scrap block???????????????
jim macke 0
AAL is in the process of retiring their MD-80's. The say they are fuel inefficient.
David Brooks 1
McDonnell Douglas might not have built the most technologically innovative aircraft, but they were built very robust. Look at the the number of DC-8s still hauling the freight.

Congratulations to the MD-88 and Delta.
I was on one of Delta's reconfigured/remodeled MD-88's not too long ago and it was super clean; the overhead PSU's were all new with LED lighting; it was an unusual experience for me on MD-88 which was so clean and new feeling because the last time I was on one of their MD-88's years ago, it was in pretty shabby shape.
preacher1 1
Well, I don't know who is doing their reman, whether themselves or if the are contracting it out, but a few years back when AA started theirs, Tulsa was doing all the work. Though they couldn't help the engines much as far as fuel burn went, the insides looked like it was right out of the factory. BUT, I think along with that, they were getting new or reman engines and a full upgraded avionics pk as well.
Their NWA arm kept their DC-10's going forever saying they could stay profitable by keep the old planes going, completely depreciated, while others were spending money on the newest. Then rising fuel costs caught up and my monty trans-Atlantics went to A-330's. But is a 737 NG at 50% capacity more fuel efficient per passenger mile than a MD-88 at 80% capacity (taking a SWAG at load percentage with the same numberical passenger load)?
preacher1 2
Your comment, in particular the last 1/2 of it, has been and will be debated pro and con for eons to come and both sides will be right to some degree, but once a course is laid out, it needs to be followed wholeheartedly, right or wrong.
I'm an aircraft/aviation enthusiast and by no means an expert. My family owns and operates a heavy construction company and we went through something similar with equipment we owned. My grandfather and his brothers who previously owned and operated the company had a fleet of aging equipment. They owned the equipment, it owed them nothing but the ship had sailed long ago where you could get anything for them in a sale/trade. They maintained you could keep fixing them as they required and be ok. This was true when fuel was a quarter of the price it is today but it came to a point where you couldn't get ahead with them and you could get more in junk than an outright sale. I'm sure Delta has all of this figured out when it will be that they reach that point, but either way happy birthday to the MD-88's at Delta.
Jack Ciesinski 1
The MD-88, even though its a good aircraft, needs to retire.
Roger McHugh 1
"Celebrate" indeed...those old birds have been ready for retirement for decades.


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