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Sonic boom over England as two typhoons are launched because of helicopter hijacked call

two typhoons were called up at around 6.00pm because of a helicopter sounding and emergency hijacking call the MOD called him an 'idiot pilot' after he called the wrong frequency. Also check out my youtube channel for more plane videos pete7780 and please subscribe. ( Ещё...

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David Saunders 2
A beautiful Boom then a rumble sound of close and far away echoes, then the distinctive high pitch roar of Concorde. It used to be a routine part of our holiday on the North Devon Coast; a distant contrail would first be seen over the Atlantic then followed the exciting Shock Wave. Let’s hope she will take to the skies again.
Paula Nichols 2
Heard that - thought it was thunder !!
pilot0987 2
People can be really annoying in news stories.
maranbutstansica 2
It couldn't have been the "wrong frequency" as stated in the article, but rather accidentally setting the hijack code on the SSR transponder. There is - very sensibly - no kind of warning light or label visible in the cockpit when this is done. Hence it is quite an easy mistake to make, and not really fair to call the pilot an idiot just because of one error. Usually ATC will confirm the code with a carefully worded radio call before taking any action. I can only speculate that they were not in contact with an ATC at the time.
Finger trouble by a private pilot again?
Stanley Carpenter 1
The most wonderful sound in the world...Every day into the South West at 11.00 Concord announced to us all it was time for a tea break!! Now we in the building trade have to carry a watch....What a let down.
Joseph Howes 1


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