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Southwest, AirTran now a single carrier

Southwest and AirTran are now a single airline in the eyes of the Federal Aviation Administration. The agency today issued Southwest a "single operating certificate that covers it and subsidiary AirTran, which Southwest acquired last year. Southwest calls the approval "a key milestone in the integration of the two airlines." ( Ещё...

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Brad Young 3
When will the "Citrus" call sign be merged into "Southwest"?
richard weiss 2
Hope that citrus is not a "lemon"
panam1971 1
I'm guessing August. That's when they're switching the flights over.
kyle dunst 1
Now that they have a SOC the FAA (Air Traffic Control) sees them as a single operator so they should all be using SWA
Justin Cook 1
The two carriers will now operate as a single carrier with a "partition". This will allow them to technically funtion as two seperate airlines while using the same set of OpSpecs. This is different than the big SOC dates of DAL/NWA and UAL/COA.
Ryan Heck 1
Still using Citrus @ KBWI. TRS946 just cleared to land about 2 minutes ago.
kyle dunst 1
Today should be the last day they use citrus and TRS.
Troy Raiteri 1
So does this mean SWA aircraft painted in SWA colors will land at whichever AT operates?
Tyler Johnson 1
Today is the first day also that Southwest Airlines is operating an aircraft other than the 737. Interesting... :)
David Brooks 2
On two occasions in the past, Southwest operated B727-200s. For a short time after they acquired Muse Air, they operated a few DC-9-50s and MD8s for a short time.
preacher1 1
I hadn't thought about Muse Air in years. I just thought they went away. I didn't know SWA bought them.
Tyler Johnson 0
Oh you are right, I forgot about that! This will be the first time in a long time that SWA has opereated the 737 lol

Thanks for the correction!


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