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ENCN to ENGM timelapse

Afternoon flight from Kristiansand to Oslo in Norway. Nice de-icing shot :) ( Ещё...

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southwestLUV 1
Very nice video! I enjoyed watching it a lot.
Yvan Rodrigue 1
susie kuppen 1
love the video and the music...great combination!
Wolfgang Moser 1
perfect video and sound - and nice to see Kristiansand in winter because I´m flying there only in summer and VFR
MimosaDrive 0
Are there different rules in Europe regarding turning off devices with an on/off switch during takeoff and landing?
Chris Donawho 3
Not sure, but in US it's ok to put a device into Flight Mode rather than turning it completely off. Flight Mode just disables all the signal devices on the gadget. Used to be on cellphones only. Nowadays, the option is available on just about every portable gadget you can think of.

I see people with video cameras all the time and have never seen any of them asked to turn the camera off. This could have been shot from a cell phone. Hell, my cell phone actually shoots HD video. My 6 year old video camera doesnt even come close.
oyvind hoie 1
In my experience, we are sometimes told to turn off all electronic devices, an at other times just electronic devices that contain a radio (i.a. Flight Mode). As Dan points out, the GoPro contains no transmitting unit.
egnilk66 1
This device, the GoPro Hero, has no WIFI or other signal capabilities. It's probably also suction cupped to the bulkhead.
David Semak 0
Creative!! Beautiful skies, music fits well and I'm reminded of why I love to fly.


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