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Chinese Pilot Ejects at the Last Second at Air Show

Chinese pilot ejects at the last second during an air show in Central China. ( Ещё...

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Carlos Bea 0
Looked like a low altitude stall. Nice ejection!
SF Johannsen 0
Inexperienced flying. These guys do the not even close to the average time up in the air, then one of our pilots. No business trying to "show-off" expertise, they lack proper training and safety.
David Brooks 0
There were some dramatic crashes similar to this one when some Russian pilots were pushing latest version of MIGs or Sukoi fighters. Most of those were mechanical failures or exceeding parameters.
Dubslow 0
Looks like some kind of tail slip or flat spin beginning at an already odd attitude. Seem right? What could have caused something like that? (Not a pilot)
fred groff 0
smez 0
Likely you won't see either of the pilots anymore. The chinese military doesn't like being embarrassed.
Toby Sharp 0
knowin that country....they probably ran out to his chute and shot him on the spot


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