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(Video) Repainting a United 777 to the new livery in 2 minutes

First United 777 to be repainted ( Ещё...

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mark tufts 0

canuck44 0
So much more attractive than the old United scheme. Gray reminds me of a B-52 not an airline.
Michael Fuquay 0
I agree. Anything to get rid of that gray.
Alexander Chiker 0
Nothing like a fresh coat of paint to give an aircraft that viewing nostalgia back!
William Granch 0
Scott Campbell 0
JD345 0
Okay, that's cool... how long does that actually take?

I would have thought they could have come up with a better livery... but I think that's just sort of interim. They only have to completely repaint half of the airplanes. I would imagine that within a couple years... once the merger is complete (or at least as complete as airline mergers get) and the Continental name disappears... they'll come up with something a little more imaginative.
Michael Curley 0
Reminds me of my model building days - only bigger!
I wonder why they stripped the paint off the fusalage but
painted over the vertical stabilizer?
Rema Allen 0
Well Michael you have to keep in mind that a plane of that size, paint adds lots of weight to the aircraft. Nice video though I would have loved to have seen what the finished repaint looked like.
Ben Lillie 0
I agree with Michael and John, the old gray looks disgusting.
Lloyd Dixon 0
Still prefer the blue and white livery. Looks much better than the "Continental" livery, IMHO.
anthony mchale 0
jmilleratp 0
I'm still entertained by the complete laziness and lack of creativity by the new United. "Take the Continental paint scheme a slap the name 'United' on it!" Well done, people, well done! :-)
canuck44 0
Paint is expensive and painting even more expensive...look for lots of short cuts now. At least they picked the better of the two.
JD345 0
I like the white and blue pre-merger UA livery a lot better than the CO livery.


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