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Textron unveils new Cessna Citation CJ3 Gen2 jet

Textron Aviation has unveiled its newest Cessna Citation business jet in the company’s legendary lineup — the Cessna Citation CJ3 Gen2. ( More...

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bbabis 6
Still no "Safe Return," Auto Emer Descent, and Auto-land which would enhance safe single pilot operation, which is a market the aircraft is after.
sparkie624 1
Garmin just got there A/P to do it to where if the Pilot(s) are incapacitated, a button in cockpit can be pressed for auto land, and the plane will do everything else, including tune and talk on the radio.
Jeff Smith 2
Fly it now. The 4.5" of increase in legroom is needed. At 6'3" , it is a chore to get in and out and just doesn't ever feel comfortable in the cockpit.
I sit on my tail bone and heels of my feet. Equate it to a clown car.
Other than that, it does a great job. Climbs fast and high, busy not too fast once you get to altitude
bartmiller 2
Comfortable and straightforward plane to fly. Pretty predictable and benign handling characteristics.
cparks 1
Meanwhile the CJ4 Gen 2 got … lavatory portholes.
Duane Mader 1
The older model already has an auto descent in event of depressurization but you have to get the power back and speed brakes out. The auto throttle and extra legroom in the cockpit so you don’t have to crawl over the seat would be nice. Having to manage the throttle on a busy arrival can really be a pain.
sparkie624 1
Plane looks pretty nice, but about everything that they listed in regards to avionics you can now put in a Single Engine Cessna! Not a lot to really be bragging about based on that article.
btweston 3
Electronics are electronics. You could put it in your car if you wanted. But can your car go 400 knots in a straight line?
sparkie624 4
Depends on how big of a Cliff is in front of me.. :)
Duane Mader 1
Can your car go 400+ knots for 2000 miles?😉
Eric Rindal 0
If it is a Tesla roadster sent to space by elon musk; YES and traveling much much faster.


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