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Delta Now Offering Online Bag Tracking

Passenger airlines finally catching up to where FedEx/UPS were 10 years ago for letting users see where their belongings are. ( Ещё...

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mddickens 0
FedEx had custodial tracking of packages a lot more than 10 years ago and many years before UPS did. Nice to see the airlines begin the process of catching up.
Brian Hankey 0
Now let's see how long it takes for the other mainline carriers to offer this neat new feature.
Shannon Pence 0
How long till they charge $10 for this too?
Isn't there a rule that your bags have to accompany you? If everyone was doing their jobs this would be redundant or is this just another pod toy?
indy2001 0
As I understand it, the rule is that all bags must have matching passengers on board the aircraft, not that all passengers must have their bags on board. The only exception is bags that have been left off previous flights (i.e. lost bags).

And I would be MUCH more impressed by Delta's technology if they used it proactively to serve their passengers. Last month, on the way to a cruise in FLL, one of my bags was left behind in ATL. After waiting at the baggage carousel for nearly an hour, I went to the Baggage Service desk. There I was informed that they already knew my bag wasn't on board, and that it was coming on the next flight. Instead of letting me waste an hour waiting for my never-to-be-delivered bag, it would have been much better if a Delta representative had met me (and the other 7 or 8 suckers whose bags had been misplaced).

At least they managed to deliver my bag within a couple of hours to my hotel. But I have a suspicion that I wouldn't have seen the same level of service had I not been a Sky Priority (1st Class) customer. Then again, that's the reason why we always fly down for a cruise at least one day early. You never know what's going to happen.
mddickens 0
But, but, but...the posters say the "Red Coats are back"...I guess that doesn't include proactive notification of your baggage status.
Wingscrubber 0
Just Fedex the bags, they'll easily beat you there if you're flying Delta.
Yazoo 0
A positive bag match is only required on international flights. Domestic flights, you have to go with your bag, but your bag doesn't have to go with you. ie if you want to change and go on a different flight then you can't (or aren't supposed to be able to) change your itinerary. The airline may have put your bag on your flight, an earlier flight, or unfortunately later flight. International - your bag has to travel with you unless lost. They won't load your bag until you are scanned onto the flight. So if you so up late for an international flight and get scanned on at the last minute, your bag might be left on the ramp if the computer does not update fast enough for them to get the OK to load your bag. Thanks to the "Passenger Bill of Rights" on time is more important than accommodating passengers.
Kenneth Schmidt 0
Computing has come a long way from keypunch days of tracking bags or box cars. I remember ads from a railroad which guaranteed tracing a box car from point A to point B within 12 hours. Laughable today.

If your bag arrives curbside within a reasonable cut-off time for the flight, there should be no clear signal to push back from the gate unless it is on board. That means employees have to be accountable, and your system should be seamless. We are not talking optical systems and networks from the 1980's here.


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